Since our Founding in 1955, Musasino has specialized in marine equipment hand-in-hand with our customers. By understanding current trends, we continue to evolve so that we can respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements.

Proud to be a marine equipment specialist

For over half a century, Musasino has been involved in the marine industry as a specialized manufacturer. Our long-term relationship with ship owners, operators and shipyards. and taking advantage of the flexibility of specialized manufactures, Musasino can contribute to our customers’ businesses.

Over 60 Years of History and Certifications

Over 4,000 vessels; this is the number of vessels on which our products have been installed in the past. Building on the know-how that has accumulated as a specialized manufacturer of marine equipment over more than 60 years, we will expand the circle of reliability further.

Our Company Motto: One Stop Solution

The life span of a ship is approximately 25 years. It is our responsibility as a manufacturer to support the ship until its last voyage. In order to fulfill our responsibilities, from design to development, production and after-sales service, we work consistently together as a team. We also work directly with customers throughout the whole process to resolve product related issues.

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