Experience, Innovation and Growth

Musasino, was founded in Japan as a small manufacturer of marine equipment, and is now a global company with a reputable name in the marine industry.
Over the years that we have been manufacturing and supplying cargo handling support systems, marine tank level measurement equipment, and monitoring and control equipment, we have broadened our range of products and systems to meet the needs of the world's maritime industry.
We will continue to expand our office network and product lines in the future, so that it is possible to provide even better service to our customers.

Product History

Product History

Organization History

  • - In 1946 Musasino Co., Ltd. founded at the present head office address
  • - Musasino Co., Ltd. organization revised in 1955. Factory and office set up at present head office address
  • - In 1973 Established the Shirakawa plant in Fukushima Prefecture.
  • - In 1994 renamed to Musasino Co., Ltd.
  • - In 2003 MUSASINO TECH SUZHOU Co., Ltd. China factory founded
  • - In 2011 MUSASINO HONGKONG Co., Ltd. founded
  • - In 2012 MUSASINO MARINE & OFFSHORE Pte.,LTD. founded in Singapore
  • - In 2014 MUSASINO SHANGHAI Co., Ltd. founded
  • - In 2016 MUSASINO MARINE & OFFSHORE B.V. founded in Rotterdam
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