Custody Transfer Measurement System

The system measures the amount of liquefied gas aboard liquefied gas carriers.
Within the level gauge body a pipe radar type level gauge, temperature gauges, and pressure gauge are mounted to take the measurements necessary for CTMS.
The gauge provides a high accuracy measurement of the liquid level by processing the radar measurements.

▶ System Configuration

❑ System Example

Basic System Configuration

  • Pipe Radar Type Level Gauge
    (with built-in tank pressure monitoring
    and temperature sensors)

    - 3-inch Pipe for Radar Type Level Gauge
    - Temperature Sensor:
      PT-100, max. 6 elements
    - Bottom Reflection Dampener

  • Control Panel
    (including intrinsically safe circuits)
  • 19-inch LCD Work Station
  • Two-axis Inclinometer
  • Various Signal Outputs (option)

▶ System Features

➦ Measurements from the liquid level and other sensors are transmitted to the control panel by digital signal.

1) Connecting the liquid level meter with only one marine cable reduces the number of cables needed.
2) Sensor status is regularly monitored by piggy-backing information on the digital signal.

➦ By dielectric constant estimation and pipe inner diameter correction processing, it is possible to take high-precision liquid level measurements.

1) Even if there are variations in the composition of the cargo, tank conditions are estimated in real time.
2) Estimation and correction process is done by arithmetic calculation.

➦ The bottom reflection dampener makes it possible to take stable liquid level measurements close to the bottom of the tank.

▶ Sensors


Explosion-proof Structure I. S. TYPE Accuracy ±5 mm
Liquid Level Measurement System FMCW Radar Temperature Sensor Pt-100 4-Wire
Radar Frequency X-band Temperature Sensors Max 6 sensors x 2
Transducer Circular Thin Slot Type Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±0.2°C (≤-145°C)
±1.5°C (>-145°C)
Propagation Path Still Pipe (Circular Waveguide) Pressure Sensor Bridge Type
Still Pipe Material SUS304 Pressure Measurement Accuracy ±0.3 kPa
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