Valve Remote Control

The MIMIC software allows operation of the valves and TLG (tank level gauging system) monitoring simultaneously. In addition,when operating the valves, the color of the pipe lines will change, making it a safety-conscious design.

▶ System Configuration

❑ System Example

Basic System Configuration

  • System Support Panel
  • 19-inch LCD Touch Panel
  • I/O Panel
  • Relay Panel
  • Valves & Actuators

▶ System Features

➦ MIMIC Software Valve Control

1)Color-coding and software functions to help prevent erroneous operation of the valves.
2)Integrated Tank Monitoring with TLG
3)Draft is monitored on the same page for safe loading and ballasting.
4)Pump operating status is incorporated on one screen.

➦ Our proprietary Network Management System software allows simple integration with related systems.

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