Ultrasonic type water ingress alarm Level Watch III

Fixed Model Parts & Simple Maintenance
Ultrasonic type for detecting flooding and water in cargo

Ultrasonic type water ingress alarm
Level Watch III

Level Watch III(LWIII)uses ultrasonic waves to detect the presence of water or other liquids in the cargo holds of bulkers and other dry cargo ships, as well as in other areas where it may be necessary to detect water ingress. Various mounting configurations for LWⅢ are available, but the basic functions of the detector remain the same. LWⅢ is mounted at a set point. When water submerges the transmitter and receiver in the probe, there is a change in the ultrasonic wave that reaches the receiver. This change activates the alarm.

Product Features

Basic Performance

  • No moving parts
  • Various installation options


  • Simple maintenance


  • Simple, robust artitecture

General Specifications

Application Water ingress alarm(fresh & sea water)
Ambient Temperature -25〜+70℃(-13〜+158℉)
Intrinsic Safety Exia IIC T6
Min. Weight 4kg
Protection Class IP68
Accuracy ±30mm

※See product specification sheets for complete specifications.

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