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We can provide systems to nearly every type of ship to optimize tank monitoring and control because our company offers a range of liquid level meter types (radar / float / air purge / pressure), independent alarm devices (ultrasonic / float) and a wide selection of display devices.

CMS(Cargo Monitoring System)References: Over 4,000 vessels

CMS(Cargo Monitoring System

Using an efficient network system and monitoring software, which was originally developed internally, we provide simple system configuration for radar type liquid level gauging. In addition, between the sensor and the control panel is two-way communication, which continually monitors the condition of the system. Our gauges are designed so that inspections, maintenance or replacement of parts can be done on closed tanks.

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TLG(Tank Level Gauging)References: Over 2,000 vessels

TLG(Tank Level Gauging)

Our air-purge type, float type and pressure gauges can be provided for an optimal system for the application (ballast, draft, fuel) and tank structures. The system is digital and connects easily to a CMS.

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LA(Level Alarm) References: Over 3,000 vessels


In cargo tanks and fuel tanks requiring independent alarm systems, ultrasonic and float types are used.
Vertical or horizontal float switches for engine room tanks.
A horizontal ultrasonic device is also available as a water ingress warning device.

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VRC( Valve Remote Control) References: Over 50 vessels

VRC( Valve Remote Control)

Each valve can be operated through the TLG touch-screen monitor (MIMIC)
The color of the pipe line changes with the valve operation which can prevent accidental operation.

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CTMS(Custody Transfer Measurement system) Currently in onboard testing


The system measures the amount of liquefied gas aboard liquefied gas carriers.
Within the level gauge body a pipe radar type level gauge, temperature gauges, and pressure gauge are mounted to take the measurements necessary for CTMS.
The gauge provides a high accuracy measurement of the liquid level by processing the radar measurements.

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