Tank Level Gauging

Our air-purge type, float type and pressure gauges can be provided for an optimal system for the application (ballast, draft, fuel) and tank structures. The system is digital and connects easily to a CMS.

▶ System Configuration

❑ Float Type Level Gauge System (example)

Basic system configuration

  • Various types liquid level gauges

    1) Float type liquid level gauge
    2) Air purge type liquid level gauge
    3) Pressure type liquid level gauge

  • Control Panel (Including Intrinsically safe circuit)
  • 19-inch LCD Monitoring Computer
    (hardware & software)
  • Local Indicator (optional)
  • Various signal outputs (optional)

❑ Air purge type liquid level gauge (example)

▶ System Features

➦ We provide a variety of liquid level meters, so it is possible to select the most suitable type of liquid level gauge depending on the application and the tank structure.

➦ The systems’ signals are processed digitally -- similarly to a CMS -- so it is possible to connect the TLG easily to a CMS or other on-board systems.

▶ Sensors

System Electromagnetic Float Air Purge Pressure Type
Explosion-Proof Structure I.S. TYPE __ I.S. TYPE
Measuring Range 35 m, Max 35 m, Max 35 m, Max
Accuracy ±25 mm ±50 mm ±1.0 % F.S.
Main Applications Fuel Tank
Ballast, Draft Gauge
Ballast, Draft Gauge
Fuel Tank
Fresh Water Tank
Drinking Water Tank
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