We do our own development, with an uncompromising quality policy


The majority of Musasino’s products are developed in-house.
Because we do development in-house, we can integrate sensors and expand systems to meet the various needs of our customers and their ships.
It is here that we get the trust in our quality, and our confidence in having supported safe and reliable cargo handling operations in the global shipping industry for over 60 years.

We supply systems to support safe and reliable cargo handling operations that meet conditions on various types of ships and tanks.

From the information from each high-accuracy sensor, we provide accurate monitoring of tank conditions to support safe cargo handling. Since it is digitized, it is also possible to connect to other onboard systems and output various types of signals.

System Products

High Accuracy, Digitized Sensors

We make high precision sensors for the digital era, such as X-radar, a radar type level gauge with over 10,000 units sold, Level Master, a magnetic float type level gauge with over 50 years of history, and LAX, an pulse purge type level gauge backed by unique technology.

Sensors - Unit Sales


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