Retrofits & Upgrades

We respond with flexibility to customer requests, keeping things easy-to-use.

Retrofits & Upgrades

Don't worry if you have another maker’s equipment on your ships. Musasino’s retrofit service maintains the highest quality by providing existing ships with new installations to meet the required specifications and functions. For ships that already have Musasino systems onboard, our upgrade service can add functions while maintaining the ease of use.

Retrofit Example

Conversion to Level Echo

Marine Use Radar Type Level Gauge

Since there is no need for structures in the tank, there is no hot work required. This is a cargo tank level gauge with proven quality and references.

  • Newbuilding installations on over 700 ships
  • Light weight, compact, and easy to replace
  • Built-in self-correcting function prevents changes due to aging
  • Bi-directional communication and self-monitoring functions enable remote maintenance

Conversion to Level Master

Marine Use Float Type Level Gauge

Beginning with cargo tanks, Level Master has the functionality to measure liquid level, temperature, and tank pressure in all kinds of tanks with one sensor.

  • Newbuilding installations on over 3,000 ships
  • A single detector to measure liquid level, pressure, and temperature

Conversion to Pulse Purge

Marine Use Electro-Pneumatic Type Level & Draft Gauge

Pulse Purge is a highly accurate and stable level gauge for ballast and bunker tanks, ideally suited for applications which require accurate fuel consumption and ballast control.

  • Newbuilding installations on over 500 ships
  • Combines electromagnetic valves and air supply manifolds in a small control panel
  • Intermittent air supply gives high accuracy(± 50 mm) and low air consumption
  • Single piping
  • Digital signal output is standard

Example Upgrade

Upgrade for remote monitoring of tank pressure(Exxon Mobile requirement)

Level Gauge

  • If installing on a Musasino level gauge, no wiring or hot work is required
  • It is possible to do the upgrade while the ship is in service.

Upgrading to High/Pre-High/Pre-Low/Low remote pressure alarms(Exxon Mobile requirement)

Individual Indicators, Monitors

  • Individual indicators are converted to a four-pressure-alarm type
  • For display monitors, the software is changed
  • It is also possible to add monitoring and alarms on the bridge.
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