Electronic Trim / Heel Detector

Stable and safe operations eliminates energy loss and load collapse.
Compliant with IMO performance standards. The electronic trim heel detector is a device that measures the inclination of a ship.

Electronic Trim / Heel Detector

The electronic trim-heel detector senses the inclination of the ship by measuring along two axes (X and Y directions) to correct the liquid level in each tank. Trim-heel shows the angle of inclination.
This electronic trim-heel detector is the central device for constructing an automated trim-heel system that maintains the attitude of the ship, controlling the trim tanks on the front and back of the ship and the heel tanks on both sides. Compatible with LNG tanks that require high-accuracy measurement.

Product features

Accurate Liquid Volume Measurement

By measuring the inclination of the ship, the liquid level of each tank can be corrected and the correct liquid volume can be calculated.
This provides easily understood and accurate information, eliminating the need for frequent calculations and greatly reducing the burden on crew members.

Self-diagnosis Function

The power supply voltage, circuit voltage, and circuit current are constantly monitored. When a failure or abnormality in the connected sensor or control unit is detected, the LED lights up to alert the user for an immediate check.

Angle Indication LED

An LED mounted on the board lights up when the set angle is reached.

Measurement Data Recording Function

The data measured by the sensor can be transmitted to upstream equipment.
Measurement data can be output to VDR

Automation of Hull Attitude Control

An automated system can be constructed by adding an electronictrim heel detector to the valve and pump controls. The hull attitude is always optimized, resulting in stable, comfortable and safe navigation,
and reduced fuel consumption. The burden on the crew is greatly reduced, since they only need to check and almost no operation is required.

General Specifications

Ambient Operating Temperature 0~55℃
Protection Class IP44
Interface LAN
Power Supply Voltage DC12~24V
Current Consumption 100mA
Measurement Range ± 10°/Standard Type
± 5°/ High-Accuracy Type
Measurement Accuracy ± 0.2°/ Standard Type
± 0.05°/ High-Accuracy Type
Resolution 0.001°
External Dimensions 280×240×134mm
Weight Approx. 2kg

Electronic Trim-Heel Detector Line


Sensor accuracy is ±0.2°

High Spec

Sensor accuracy is ±0.05°

Standard-2 set

Equipped with two sensors with an accuracy of ±0.2 degrees

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