Pulse Purge Type Level Gauge Level Aeran 2

Intermittent air supply controls reduce power consumption and maintenance requirements.
High specification model has accuracy of ±50mm

Pulse Purge Type Level Gauge Level Aeran 2

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Level Aeran 2(LA2)employs unique technology to deliver high accuracy level readings for ballast tanks and drafts. Unlike most conventional pulse purge systems, LA2 uses a set of micro-computer controlled solenoid valves to regulate air supply, pressure during measurement, and atmospheric pressure adjustments. By intermittently stopping the flow of air during measurement for a steady pressure, LA2 achieves an accuracy of ±50mm at full scale. In addition, the system overall requires less air - and less energy – than other systems. A higher pressure purge of air during each cycle also helps keep the purge mouth free of clogs, resulting in lower maintenance requirements. The compact control box can be outfitted for up to 24 gauges, but still takes up little room.

Product Features

Basic Performance

  • High accuracy
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Automated air and pressure controls


  • Self-diagnostic system
  • Low maintenance


  • Small footprint

General Specifications

Application(s) Sea water, fresh water, fuel oil
Ambient Temperature -25〜+70℃(-13〜+158℉)
Accuracy ±50mm Full Scale
Measuring Range 30m(option 35m)
Air Supply 5-9.5bar from engine room to control box
4.5bar (tanks of more than 10m)
2bar(tanks of less than 10m)
Maximum Air Consumption 9-10NL/min(per unit purge line)
Average Air Consumption 2.7NL/min
Power Consumption 5W/tank
Flange JIS 5K-20A
Protection Class IP66

※See product specification sheets for complete specifications.

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