PMP (Preventive Maintenance Program)

Maintenance Program Based on a Failure Prevention Concept

PMP(Preventive Maintenance Program)

Musasino’s Preventative Maintenance Program(PMP) is a periodic inspection service that keeps your equipment running normally between dockings.
Based on the specifications of the ship and our database, we provide more than just a periodic inspection during docking. Preventive replacement of aging parts and optimized after-sales service reduce failure rates, and provide stable operation for the long term.
Use this service for more reliable cargo handling operations.

PMP(Preventive Maintenance Program)

Under current maintenance methods, whenever a failure occurs, repairs are done to that particular failure. In addition, most of the time there is not enough time to diagnose the whole system and responses to failures can nearly become emergencies.
In the new Musasino Preventative Maintenance Program, diagnosis of the entire system is done periodically, and preventive measures can be taken based on the results. This helps prevent failures and assures that the entire system is operating between dockings.

Present Maintenance

Concept Corrective Maintenance
Diagnosis Failure Focused
Maintenance Cost Attendance Basis Billing
Guarantee Guarantee for Exchanged Parts Only

Musasino Preventive Maintenance Program

Concept Preventive Maintenance
Diagnosis Total System Diagnosis
Maintenance Cost Fixed Rate System
Guarantee Entire System Guaranteed until Next Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance for Longer System Life

The failure rate of level gauging systems normally increases as the system ages and extends to the entire system, shortening the working life of the system. With preventative maintenance, the system is iagnosed periodically and the failure rate is decreased, lengthening the working life of the system.

The best maintenance plans for our customers

The maintenance plan is carried out as seen below.

1:Maintenance Planning

Musasino will develop a maintenance program based on the level gauge system specifications and customer needs.

2:First Periodical Inspection(Docking)

While in the dock, a Musasino engineer will diagnose the entire system, replace parts as needed, and issue an inspection report and guarantee letter.

3:Guarantee Period

The guarantee from the first periodical inspection is valid until the next docking and periodical inspection.

4:Second Periodical Inspection(Docking)

Periodical inspections will continue after the second inspection, per a mutually agreed maintenance contract.

5:Guarantee Period

The maintenance plan is carried out as seen below.

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