Magnetic Float Level Alarm Level Switch Ace

High reliability, backed by references on over 1,000 ships
Independent level alarm for oil and product tankers

Magnetic Float Level Alarm Level Switch Ace

Level Switch Ace(LSA)is an accurate and reliable independent level alarm for cargo tanks aboard oil and product carriers. Over thousands of installations, LSA has proven durable against harsh tank environments, including sloshing, vibrations and tank cleaning on a range of vessel types and applications. LSA features a simple testing rod, which makes it easy to test alarm functionality prior to cargo loading.

Product Features

Basic Performance

  • High accuracy
  • 1 or 2 alarm points
  • Digital signal output


  • Built-in self-diagnostics


  • Proven reliability
  • Simple, durable design

General Specifications

Application(s) Crude oil, fuel oil, sea water, fresh water
Ambient Temperature -25〜+100℃(-13〜+212℉)
Intrinsically Safe Exia IIC T6
Weight Approx. 20kg
Accuracy ±5mm
Measuring Range 2m
Power Supply DC12V
Flange JIS 5K-200A(Φ320)
JIS 5K-150A(Φ265)
Cable MPYCYS-2(1 float)
MPYCYS-4(2 floats)
Protection Class IP66

※See product specification sheets for complete specifications.

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