Hydrostatic pressure type level gauge Level Cera Ace

New patented structure that is resistant to corrosion and prevents loss of performance
Pressure type level gauge for tanks, which can also be used as a draft gauge

Hydrostatic pressure type level gauge Level Cera Ace

Level Cera Ace uses an electrostatic capacitance pressure sensor to detect the difference in atmospheric pressure and liquid pressure at the sensor diaphragm, converting it to an electronic signal that displays changes in liquid level on an indicator. Level Cera Ace corrects for temperature to provide high accuracy readings, Level Cera is primarily used in ballast and fresh water tanks, along with numerous draft gauge installations.

Product Features

Basic Performance

  • Digital signal output
  • Relative or absolute pressure detection
  • fixed or detachable mounting


  • Simple design, simple maintenance


  • Corrosion resistant ceramic diaphragm
  • Adopts a new patented structure to prevent loss of performance from adhesion of algae and calcium from sea water

General Specifications

Application(s) Fresh water, sea water, fuel oil
Ambient Temperature -25〜+70℃(-13〜+158℉)
Intrinsic Safety Exia IIC T6
Weight Approx. 13kg
Measuring Range 1.0〜10.0m(pressure rating 100kPa)
2.0〜20.0m(pressure rating 200kPa)
3.0〜40.0m(pressure rating 400kPa)
Accuracy ±0.1%  full scale(lab test)
Protection Class IP66(terminal box)、IP68(sensor)

※See product specification sheets for complete specifications.

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