Ultrasonic type independent alarm Level Watch 2 Ace

Built strong to with stand harsh tank conditions.
Reliable performance to meet the needs of chemical tankers

Ultrasonic type independent alarm
Level Watch 2 Ace

Level Watch 2(LW2)is an independent high level and/or overfill alarm for liquid cargo tanks, particularly aboard chemical tankers. The detector features a robust design which makes it resistant to the effects of vibrations, sloshing, cleaning and other harsh tank conditions. No calibrations is required for different type of liquid cargos, and there are no moving parts, reducing maintenance requirements. Using a simple testing tool, the alarm can be easily tested prior to cargo loading. A self-diagnostic function has been built-in to further boost reliability.

Product Features

Basic Performance

  • Simple operational testing
  • Digital signal processing


  • Standard self-diagnostic function


  • Simple and robust structure
  • No moving parts
  • Wide range of applications

General Specifications

Application(s) Chemicals, petroleum products, fresh water, sea water
Measurement Method Ultrasonic wave
Measuring Range Up to 2m
Ambient Temperature -25〜+100℃(-13〜+212℉)
Intrinsically Safe Exia IIC T6
Weight Approx. 20kg(2 alarm points)
Accuracy ±5mm
Power Supply DC12V approx. 13mA
Flange Φ265(150A)
Protection Class IP66
Main Material SUS316L / SUS304

※See product specification sheets for complete specifications.

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