Pulse Purge Type Level Gauge LAX

Pulse Purge Type Level Gauge
& Ingress Alarm Device.
Reliable measurements for
safer, ship-friendly cargo

Pulse Purge Type Level Gauge LAX

LAX is the world’s only liquid level gauge to adopt the pulse purge method to intermittently discharge compressed air. Together with digital signal processing and an automatic zero point correction function, LAX achieves high accuracy on par with the magnetic float type level gauge Level Master. At the same time, the ease of outfitting and versatile application in a variety of tanks, allows for application on a wide range of ship types. LAX also reduces air consumption and running costs.
From the tanks in the engine room to ballast tanks and ingress alarms, LAX can cover the entire ship from one L-Core, containing SV Units, power supply and transmitter box, and air supply unit.

System Configuration

Innovative Pulse Purge Type Level Gauge with Exceptional Measurement Accuracy

±10mm at 25m

Musasino’s patented pulse purge method L-CORE takes high accuracy measurements. Temporarily discharging a higher pressure of compressed air, and stopping the air flow during measurement, eliminates the pressure loss and fluctuation, allowing for high accuracy measurements. This method suppresses hysteresis, and results in high-precision liquid level measurements.

Ballast Tanks, Fuel Tanks,
Draft Gauges, Flood Level Gauge
Fresh Water Tanks,
Engine Room Tanks

Module (MIU) Developed in-house.
Easily Acquire a Wide Variety of Signals.

MIU is a proprietary interface, developed to capture all of a ship’s data. The unit consists of a series of nodes that enable acquisition of various types for signals – analog, serial, contact, LAN, etc. By combining various nodes corresponding to the types of data required, managing cargo handling-related equipment such as monitoring and control systems – including third party systems – can be integrated.

Automatic Atmospheric Pressure Correction (patented) & Temperature Compensation.
Self-correcting for high accuracy measurements.

Another feature that results in high accuracy measurements is the self-correction function. An atmospheric pressure reading is taken regularly, and in the pulse purge method a zero point correction is made when the airflow is stopped. As a result, there is no restriction on where the unit can be installed, and errors due to aging of the pressure detector are prevented, so that stable, high accuracy measurements can be made over the long term. Because temperature may also affect the pressure sensors measuring liquid level, temperature compensation is also done.

General Specifications

Specifications(for 16 Tanks)

Dimensions H:865mm、W:508mm
*Height varies depending on number of tanks
Weight Approx. 20kg
Ambient Temp. Range 0℃〜55℃
Air Supply Press. 0.5〜0.7MPa
Working Press. 0.45MPa
Protection Class IP44

Detector sensor

Various Detectors to Match the Applications.

In addition to a traditional installation on the tank top, options are also available for mounting on the side of a wall, or a ‘WAC” which does not discharge air in to the tank for use on drinking/fresh water tanks, and engine room tanks. There is also a draft gauge, which uses a draft chamber connected to the purge head, and a trim/heel gauge that accurately measures the inclination of the hull.

Simple structure & maintenance-free

Accuracy: ±10mm(25m)
Applicable Tanks: Ballast Tanks, FO/DO Tanks, Draft Gauges


Water Ingress Alarm
Fail safe function, liquid level measurement even after an alarm

Accuracy: ±30mm
Application: Ingress Alarm, Bilge Alarm

Water Ingress Alarm

Diaphragm type, measurement without bubbles

Accuracy: ±20mm(5m)
Applicable Tanks: Drinking Water, Fresh Water, Settling Tanks, Storage Tanks, Service Tanks, Other Engine Room Tanks


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