CTMS (Custody Transfer Measurement System)

Accurately Measure Gas from Any Location Unique technology and technical capabilities to meet diverse needs.

CTMS(Custody Transfer Measurement System)

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Musasino provides an accurate and reliable custody transfer measurement system (CTMS) based on our proven marine-use radar type level gauge and unique measurement method.

CTMS Series Applications

  • LNG Carriers (Deep Sea / Coastal)
  • LNG Bunkering Vessels

System Features

The All-in-One concepts takes advantage of digital signal technology for a smart design and reduced cabling.

Various equipment such as level gauges, pressure gauges, and temperature gauges, are necessary for liquid gas measurements. Musasino’s proprietary digital signal processing is applied to unify the signals. One cable is used to send signals to the control box, so the number of cables required for outfitting is reduced.

Simple & Strong In-Tank Structure

Still pipe and thermo-well designed for a long working life.
Structures within the tank need to withstand harsh conditions. Musasino conducted extensive sloshing model simulations to ensure the strength and endurance of system components. The results showed the in-tank structures can withstand over 40 years of sloshing.

System Configuration

LEX1L2 Level Gauge

Measuring Method FMCW
(Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave)
Measurement Range 0.5~50m
Resolution 1mm
Accuracy ±5mm
Ambient Temperature -30〜+70℃(Electronics Housing)
Explosion Protection Intrinsically Safe Type Ex ia IIC T5
Protection Class IP66
Material SUS316L

Temperature Sensor

Method PT-100
4-wire Temperature Sensor
Measurement Range -180〜+100℃
Accuracy ±0.2℃(≦-145℃)
Resolution 0.1℃

Pressure Sensor

Method Diaphragm with Strain Gauge Bridge
Measurement Range +80~140kPa
Accuracy ±1.0% F.S.
Resolution 0.1 kPa
Diaphragm Material SUS316L

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