Magnetic Float Level Gauge Level Master Ace

Proven by installations on over 3,500 vessels
High accuracy, reliability, and durability to meet customer needs.

Magnetic float type level gauge Level Master Ace

Over 40,000 units

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Level Master Ace(LMA)has proven its reliability, accuracy and durability over thousands of installations since it was first commercially deployed in 1965. Although the basic methodology of the gauge has remained the same, LMA has been upgraded over the years with new features to meet the industry’s changing needs. With a range of options for float types and functions, LMA is easily matched to a variety of applications. Built-in tank gas pressure and temperature sensors allow for a single deck penetration and simplified wiring.

Product Features

Basic Performance

  • Proven accuracy, reliability, and durability
  • Wide range of applications
  • Various options and functions
  • Maximum 40-meter measuring range


  • Low maintenance
  • Available self- diagnostic function


  • Simple, robust design

General Specifications

Application(s) Crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals, LPG, fuel oil, sea water, fresh water, etc.
Protection Class M-TMS(M-LMU1)、M-LMX、M-LMV、MLMV2:-25〜+70℃(-13〜+158℉)
Intrinsically Safe M-TMS(M-LMU1)、M-LMX、M-LMV、MLMV2:Exia IIC T6
Accuracy ±25mm、±10mm
Measurement Range 0.13〜40m
Temperature Sensor Three point (measuring range:-40〜+100℃)
Protection Class IP66

※See product specification sheets for complete specifications.

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