New products


New products

Pulse Purge Type Level Gauge LAX、Radar type level gauge for LNG・LPG


LAX is high accuracy pulse purge type level gauge.
Reliable measurements for safer,ship-friendly cargo operations.
Reliable ballasting, promotion ship data to IoT, and reducing the crew's workload.

LAX brochure:PDF LAX_6p_e_表紙小.jpg

LNG Fuel Tank、LPG Fuel Tank/LPG Cargo Tank

Building on the experience of Musasino CTMS、we have developed a radar type level gauge using a one-inch pipe for gas fuel monitoring systems.
Musasino LPG Tank Monitoring System's configuration complies with IGF、IGC rules.

LNG brochure:PDF _LNG_表紙小.jpg
LPG brochure:PDF _LPG_ 表紙小.jpg
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