Delivered FGSS Tank Level Gauge for Qingdao SunRui.


Delivered FGSS Tank Level Gauge for Qingdao SunRui.

Our Tank Level Gauge has been delivered to the onshore test facility of Qingdao SunRui LNG Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS).
Qingdao SunRui announced at a presentation held at the end of September that the test was completed at the facility, which is based on the same full-scale FGSS which is installed on ships.



1) 1inch Radar ×1set
  - Level(main)
  - Level(sub)
  - Temp. sensor(main)/3points
  - Temp. sensor(sub) /3points
  - Press. sensor(main)
  - Independent High Level Alarm
2) 1inch Radar ×1set
  - Independent Overfill Alarm
  - Press. sensor(sub)
3) Local digital indicator ×1set (Display: Level/Temp./Press.)
4) I/O Panel ×1set

LNG Fuel Tank、LPG Fuel Tank/LPG Cargo Tank

Building on the experience of Musasino CTMS、we have developed a radar type level gauge using a one-inch pipe for gas fuel monitoring systems.
Musasino LPG Tank Monitoring System's configuration complies with IGF、IGC rules.

LNG brochure:PDF _LNG_表紙小.jpg
LPG brochure:PDF _LPG_ 表紙小.jpg
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