Floating Dock for Repair - Lowering and Floating Assist System


Hongawara Shipbuilding Floating Dock for Repair
Lowering and Floating Assist System

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Musasino has supplied our Lowering and Floating Assist System software to Hongawara Shipbuilding’s 13,000 GT floating repair dock.
The system is based on accurate data from LAX, the world's first high-precision pulse purge type liquid level and draft gauge, and our in-house-developed electronic trim/heel gauge. The system automatically controls ballast injection and discharge based on accurate data from the gauges, enabling safe and efficient control of the vessel's attitude, and lowering and floating.

Contributes to reducing the burden on the operator!

  • Monitoring of draft, inclination, and tank liquid level in the control room.
  • All valves are remotely operated to automate the lowering and lifting of the hull.


float system

【 Equipment 】

  • Pulse purge level & draft gauge LAX
  • Electronic trim/heel gauge
  • Electric butterfly valves
  • Bilge switches

Aiming for digitized cargo handling!

Musasino has been focusing on the development of various assistance systems to automate cargo handling, and is working toward digitalization.
By digitizing human-oriented operations, we will help solve the shortage of crews and reduce the risk of human error. Musasino’s solutions look to move from inefficient analog operations by combining digitalized data from high-precision measuring instruments with optimal software.
Our aim is safe and efficient cargo handling digitalization.


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