Ceremony to Commemorate the Completion of MT LEVEL MASTER


Ceremony to Commemorate the Completion

A naming ceremony was held in March to commemorate the completion of MT LEVEL MASTER,
a test facility constructed at Musasino Shirakawa Works.

The test facility was named after Musasino’s iconic Level Master product line, and is 30 meters tall, matching the tank height of a VLCC class tanker. The tower is used to test the accuracy of liquid level gauging using actual liquid mediums.

One of our products, the LAX-WAC diaphragm-type measuring header, was conceived in principle about
50 years ago by Mr. Yamada, our current auditor who served as the third president.
We have developed and patented a pulse air method that solves the hysteresis problem, which has been a problem with conventional pressure sensor diaphragms.
When we launched LAX in 2018, we had cleared a measurement accuracy of ±10 mm at a depth of 10 m.
We have now reached a high accuracy of ±10 mm at 30 m [actual test by MT LEVEL MASTER 30 m environment].
Since the completion of MT LEVEL MASTER in 2022, continuous testing and product improvements have been done to further the development of high-accuracy products.


On the day of the ceremony, a live demonstration of the LAX-WAC sensor was presented, impressing the audience with astonishing results of only a ±2 mm difference.
We aim to establish the high-accuracy LAX level gauge as the standard in the marine industry.

NKKK has certified MT LEVEL MASTER, providing traceable and reliable testing of measurement accuracy. Through continuous testing, Musasino aims to improve further our quality and product development, and confirm the long-term reliability and accuracy.



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